Eyesight Technologies intelligent sensing solutions for the in-car environment include Driver Sense - an advanced driver monitoring system (DMS) which tracks the drivers and their real-time state, Cabin Sense - an occupancy and interior monitoring system (OMS) which tracks the entire in-cabin environment, and Fleet Sense – a fatigue and driver monitoring aftermarket solution for fleets and telematics system providers. These three solutions have been designed to increase safety and enhance the in-car experience.

Our in-cabin solutions include:
  • Driver Sense - Driver Monitoring System
  • Cabin Sense - Occupancy & Interior Monitoring System
  • Fleet Sense - an Aftermarket Driver Monitoring Solution
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Our Technology

From day one, Eyesight has been focused on creating intelligent sensing solutions for the devices around us.
We started our Journey creating computer vision solutions for mobile devices which used simple VGA cameras and had the equivalent CPU performance of a modern coffee maker.
And now, running our edge-based computer vision on today's far more superior off-the-shelf cameras and computing power allows us to deliver cutting-edge sensing solutions to the automotive in-car environment including Driver Sense, our driver monitoring system,Cabin Sense, occupancy and interior monitoring system and Fleet Sense, our aftermarket driver monitoring solution for fleets.

Lean Edge

The embedded nature of Eyesight Technologies’ computer vision AI entails optimization for lean processing requirements, as well as the flexibility to integrate the solution in various environments from basic ARM CPU based systems to advanced NPUs.

Our ecosystem & experience

Over a decade of research and development stand behind the company's market-leading computer vision AI technology, with 30 granted patents and many more pending. Our customers and partners include leading Tier 1 providers, OEMs, chipset companies and automotive camera makers. We have developed a strong ecosystem to support various in-cabin sensing solutions


Eyesight Technologies’ embedded sensing solutions are fully private and secure. Our solutions analyze the video stream in real-time, translating it to metadata, and then discarding it immediately. No images are stored, recorded, or sent from the device.

Partner and customer focused

We have streamlined the evaluation and integration process with our customers in mind; we provide system training and integration support, both on-site and remote. An evaluation kit is available for easy testing of our systems. In-cabin camera position optimization is offered per car model as well as camera module assessment when using customer’s/3rd party sensor. SoC/HW acceleration porting is available (if required) and more.

Partners & Customers

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November 12, 2019
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November 11, 2019
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June 10, 2019


February 13, 2020
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May 19, 2020
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