Our Capabilities

Our various capabilities enable us to upgrade the end user interaction with their surrounding and devices, and securely providing comprehensive user data to our partners and customers.

User Awareness

Our user awareness capabilities offer face count, face detection as well as detection of user (body) presence.

Driver Sense In-Car Driver Monitoring

Driver Sense - our driver monitoring system enables tracking of head orientation, upper body detection as well as eyelid and iris tracking.

Facial Analysis

Eyesight's computer vision solutions include face recognition, gender, as well as best in market age detection capabilities.

Gesture Recognition

Eyesight's gesture recognition capabilities allow fingertip tracking, hand gesture recognition as well as universal hand signs detection (such as a “shush” finger to mouth gesture).

Why Us?

  • User experience & data

    We are the only solution in the market offering simplified user interactions that are intelligent and personalized together with user analytic data.

  • We are embedded

    Being embedded allows eyeSight to locally apply deep learning to deliver personalized experiences in a fully private manner, as well as eliminating any latency or connectivity issues..

  • Market leading gesture recognition

    Our gesture recognition capabilities are best in market, offering fingertip level of recognition up to five meters from the device using a standard CMOS sensor.

  • Flexibility

    We support various sensor types; standard 2D, stereoscopic, depth and IR. With solutions that can be integrated on various device types; from smartphones to smart homes, and compatibility with various operating systems; Windows, Android, Linux, iOS as well as bespoke ones.

  • Our sensors

    We tailor designed sensors to further enhance our computer vision capabilities. our sensors together with our software are available for the IOT & Smart home market , Automotive market as well as for consumer electronics such as TVs and set top boxes.

We are eyeSight

Eyesight is an expert in edge-based computer and AI vision solutions. Since 2006 Eyesight has been investing in research and development, creating market leading solutions which have been integrated into millions of devices worldwide.